Policies and Procedures for the industry


Policies and Procedures related to Business Industry

There are two sections, Section one will guide you as a consumer what you should about your rights, received bad service, common consumer problems. Section two you can select your preferred business category and read useful information. Section three will have all links about how to complain

Section one 

1) Know your consumer rights

Would like to know about powerful consumer protection tools, when you purchase something it doesn't do what it says on the box.

Read about your consumer rights


2) What should I know about packaging and advertising?

To find the fresh facts on product packaging, labelling, and advertising.

Packaging labeling and advertising


Section two

1)Skincare and Cosmetics

Your rights to know about which skin care routine works best for you, what works for you and read recent articles.

Confused by the number of skin care and cosmetics products?

2) Financial advice costs

What fees and charges you should be charged by financial advisers? It's important to understand exactly how your adviser will be paid before you engage them, and again before you agree to any of their recommendations.

How much you have to pay for your financial advice?


3) Financial advice for seniors

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, or if you cannot get access to credit, free financial counselling is available through selected government and community organisations

Would like to know about Financial advice and support available for seniors?



Section three

1) How to complain about the business