Policies and Procedures for the industry


Education and Training in Queensland 

1) Parents


3)International Students

4)Trainees and apprenticeships




1) How to find a school in Queensland

You can use the Schools Directory to find a school in your local area by searching on the school name or suburb. Alternatively, you can narrow your search by using theRegion or Type of school fields or the map showing below.

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2) The Code of School Behaviour

The Code of School Behaviour defines the responsibilities that all members of the school community are expected to uphold and recognises the significance of appropriate and meaningful relationships

The Code of Behaviour

3) Volunteering at School

You can get involved at your child's school—it will help you keep up-to-date with what is going on at the school, and help build positive relationships between you and the school community

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3. International Students

Education Queensland International (EQI) is the international arm of the Queensland Department of Education and Training. This section explains about temporary residents admissions, uni learn program, international student programs, how to find a school., etc.,

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4) Trainees and apprenticeships

Operation and policy and procedures that  Trainees, apprentices  and employers should know