About Us

HelloQld was built by a Queenslander for all Queensland business owners and the community. Moreover, HelloQld offers guidance to any Queenslander looking to change up their life and was developed to have the following features. 

For business owners:

  • Business owners can create all the unique features of a website within HelloQld so that they have their own unique URL and link to all their social media platforms 
  • HelloQld will allow business owners to explain what difference they make to the community
  • Can write their own Frequently Asked Questions using an online editor and add many unique features (links, video, images, tables, buttons, format text, spellcheck)
  • Can detail their price or pricing strategy if they wish
  • Can upload a logo and multiple images and/or video files to explain their business in a visual way
  • Business owners will have more time to improve their own business and compete with other businesses because HelloQld will provide a one-stop place to check all businesses for the Queensland Community 
  • All business owners that advertise their business on HelloQld will spend less money on administration costs

We're always ready to help you with any query or concern you have. If you cannot create your own listing, please contact us over the phone for assistance. Or, if your location is within 100 km of Brisbane, we will come to you and help you create your listing.

For consumers:

  • Can compare businesses on one page and note the differences each business owner provides 
  • Consumers will spend minimum time because they can use only one website
  • Search results are listed by relevance and location so you can easily find what you're looking for.
  • Every listing on our website comes from business owners only, so you'll see up-to-date and reliable information
  • To help other Queenslanders, you can leave your reviews for any business based on your experience. 
  • There will be strict guidelines to control reviews written 
  • We also show up-to-date reviews from other sources, so consumers will see Google reviews and reliable reviews only

Please feel free to click on the Contact Us link on the banner or send us an email using [email protected] or phone (07) 38789506 or 0415150483.