Frequently asked questions

Why us?
HelloQld was developed for the benefit of all Queenslanders. It allows consumers to find and compare dozens of local businesses and thus make it easier to select the right business for your needs. It also helps businesses reduce their admin and marketing costs, by making it easier to establish an effective online presence.
I am a new business owner. How can I open an account to advertise my business?
Please click the button “list your business” at the top of the page. Accept the terms and conditions and then set up an account with your chosen email address. For security reason, HelloQld will send a link to your given email so that you can activate your account. Once activated, fill out the form with your details and submit for HelloQld to review, which will typically take one business day. You will be notified by email once reviewed and accepted.
How much do I have to pay?
Consumers can browse HelloQld for free. All non-profit organisations will be able to advertise for free, always. For all other businesses, we provide a three month trial period. After that, it's a mere $9.95 per month.
How do I cancel my contract?
Businesses can cancel at any time, by sending an email to HelloQld. Your listing will remain visible until the end of the month.
How up to date is the information available at HelloQld?
HelloQld tries its best to make sure the information we provide is current and up to date. However, we can't guarantee that it always will be, and you should check the accuracy yourself before relying upon it.
I would like to read some more information before adding my business. What can I do?
We have further resources available - just click on the "List your business" button.
How do I write a review?
To write a review, simply go to the business listing that you had your experience, and click "Add a Review" button, you have to accept terms and conditions before adding your review.
I click the "contact business owner" button. Who will reply to me?
You will receive a message from the relevant business owner only or their employees. HelloQld will not reply. To get in touch with us, just send us an email at [email protected]
Do you have different membership options?
Not-for-profit organisations can sign up for free, while all other businesses receive a three-month trial period. The same features are available to all businesses, always.
What terms and conditions are applicable?
The "General terms and conditions" apply to all users. For businesses, including not-for-profit organisations, additional terms apply in the form of the "Terms and conditions for business owners".